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Mad Dogs On The Kindle Fire 7

Last night I binge watched Mad Dogs on the Kindle Fire 7.

It is accessible through my Prime account. (It is the American version.)

Violent in moments. With a tension a good deal of the time, conveyed through a fluidly electronic, pop — well a terrific variety of music!

This series is described as a dark comedy and a psychological thriller. If it had been presented as a documentary on the secrets within friendships, and secrets from friends, that would apply too.

Or as a social engineering project placing a group of friends into a different culture and then offering life choices that they otherwise would never have had.

And comedy it very much is. Real ha ha moments and lots of absurdity.

I never had thought I’d enjoy watching a movie on a tablet. Yet, propped up in bed, ear pieces in, it was very comfortable.

This device is more than a best cheap ereader!

Kindle Fire 7 read Breakdown

Kindle Fire 7


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Kindle Fire 7 Special Offer

Waiting For My Kindle Fire 7

Update – June 2016!

Today I got an email about my Kindle Fire that told me On Deck “automatically downloads Prime Video (for Prime members) and the first episodes of Amazon Original Series while your Fire tablet is plugged in, has a Wi-Fi connection, and not being used

Super convenient! That means while you’re out and about but not connected, you can view new Prime material!

The best cheap ereader! My new Kindle Fire 7.

I miss my Nook Color that died after five years of dedicated service. Plus it was a present from a family member and it’s a sentimental object too. I looked on ebay and amazon for the refurbished version of what I had.

None of those available were just like what I’d had. Phooey.

The one I chose, Kindle Fire 7, is a good ongoing deal in the best seller list. It will show ads and suggestions when I’m not reading. But why would I care? I’m not reading! That lowered the price to the special offer.

Right now I’m browsing through some Kindle books and I will choose one soon.

Jonathan Kellerman’s “Breakdown”? Definitely a contender.

Breakdown: An Alex Delaware Novel
List Price: $28.95
Price: $12.00
You Save: $16.95
Price Disclaimer

Misty Copeland’s “Life In Motion An Unlikely Ballerina”?  I recently watched “A Ballerina’s Tale” on Netflix, about her, and I’d love to know more.

Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina
List Price: $16.99
Price: $6.75
You Save: $10.24
Price Disclaimer

I have always loved reading books and have never even looked for a best cheap ereader.

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