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Aging Backwards On Kindle Fire

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There are three aging backwards opportunities for you, one book and two workout DVD’s in a boxed set by Miranda Esmonde White.

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Miranda is the creator of Classical Stretch, seen on PBS for years, and for Essentrics, with her daughter Shara Esmonde White.

In the Classical Stretch tradition, these workouts go for the long and lean!

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In her book Aging Backwards, Miranda miraculously explains how the body ages, or doesn’t, and how the cells in our muscles have the main influence over how our body triggers the aging process.
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I’m not going to try and encapsulate it here. I just want to add that when I was taught the same material while certifying  as a personal trainer, all I could do was memorize the text book because I could not hope to understand it as it was presented.

It made perfect sense to me when I read about how to reverse the aging process with exercise, as recounted by Miranda.

New Books

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Aging Backwards: The Fast Track empowers everyone—young and old, athletic or sedentary—with the information and tools to slow down the clock and keep it there. ”

One happy reviewer says” They have helped me be mobile pain free and improved my posture immensely and MOST importantly they feel good to DO??”

More of the latest science in anti-aging for you to celebrate!

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Movement is natural, right? Yet as aging sets in, don’t we unconsciously cut back on moving?

Sometimes we have to end an active or athletic career and end up in a desk job. I personally know what a shock that is.

I am a retired dancer and I used to say to people who asked “No, ballet doesn’t hurt a lot. Until you stop!”

Learning how to manage life when you sit down to earn a living needs some expert help. This book will give you that.

And do notice the “buy together” deals!

You will save money with those!

Here’s an interview with Miranda to get you started on the idea of aging backwards.

See more workouts by Classical Stretch and Essentrics on Amazon.

The Fever Series – Drama!

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“Fever Born” – is the 2016 book in the Karen Marie Moning Fever Series. I have just started reading it. Populated by intensely focused hypersexual, and to humans, immoral characters.

Here is a list of the individual books, in order in case you’d prefer to buy them one at a time.

The supernatural view of sex, for example. I don’t read erotica, and the sex passages in these books aren’t quite that. They are quite unreal and are not gratuitous – well, yes sometimes they are, and I think it accounts for the conventions of fans these books have garnered.

Yet there is an unreality to the accounts of sex as power, entrapment, that may even lead to death. Hardly titillating.

Karen Marie Moning has created an enormous cosmology of Fae creatures – humanoid but weirdly wonderful in their faery lives of power seeking, greedy power seeking.

And frail in their weakness for real love, and when they love a human it’s tragic because these beautiful winged princes, kings and queens live for millennia.

When “Mac” (MacKayla Lane) goes to Dublin from the US to find out why her sister died there, she runs into  layers of dimensions of realty. Entered by capricious hidden portals and magic mirrors. Where one can become trapped for very long periods of time – or forever.

Mac enters this mystery involving her sister’s brutal murder. Yet as she stumbles into the treacherous places and events surrounding it, she is confounded to discover that she too is part of it.

She too is a mystery – to herself!

Mac first is raped ( and spelled to forget) by Jericho Barrons, who later becomes her protector. It is not violent – but is it really consented? You decide…

Initially she is left to her own devices as she turns a corner in Dublin and – walks into a shadow world.

It’s been over a year since I finished “Iced” and now that I’m reading “Burned” I feel I have to read the previous book again.

And that is why I recommend the series of ten books – all page turners! An instant download to my Kindle Fire.

The latest is:

If you have read the Fever Series you might want to check out the the Highlander Series for more of her romantic and descriptive stories!

Jim Rickards Fraud?

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I was surprised to see the phrase “jim rickards fraud” when I did a casual search of Jim Rickards reviews about The New Case For Gold, which will be available on April 5. So I decided to look into this bizarre search result.

Was I completely scammed when I read The Death of Money last year? I am not an experienced investor so it was a hard study for me, yet it was too fascinating to give up on.

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In that book, the author advises having gold as part of one’s portfolio. It is a given that all of one’s eggs should not go into one basket. Other types of investments could be in fine art, or antiques.

Market instability is scary for most, yet it seems those who truly understand how money works (or does not) can take advantage of crises. That does not make someone a fraud.

Jim Rickards Reviews

  • The “scam” and “fraud” discussions go back as far as 2014 and don’t seem to have continued. The supposed red flags were:
  • Jim Rickards having been an advisor to the CIA
  • He had been interviewed on ‘alternate media’, like the Alex Jones show

Firstly it is no secret that he was/is an adviser to the CIA. He says so! That fact is part of his credentials, and credibility. It is pure mental clutter to have this converted into a distraction of conspiracy theory and “woo-woo” material.

One trashy web site even had a discussion of his The Death of Money associated with Alistair Crowley (witchcraft) and a rising sun or Golden Dawn symbol of The New World Order.

Jim Rickards fraud? I don’t see any.

It is my personal opinion that there is no fraud or scam involved. Jim Rickards sells books and he also sells reports on investing systems he has developed. No deception there either. Investing is everyone doing the best they can with the information they can get. And each investment has to be the weighing of that information.

I will be pre-ordering this to be delivered to my Kindle Fire on April 5!


The Man In The High Castle

[easyazon_infoblock align=”left” cart=”y” cloak=”y” identifier=”B00JV1CG6A” locale=”US” localize=”y” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”ballweddflat-20″]This series on Prime Video was a real temptation for binge watching but one can’t spend all the time in front of a screen. Theoretically…

The Man In The High Castle was published in 1962. It is one of a few Philip K. Dick books made into movies and it won a Hugo Award in 1963, the only one of his 44 novels to do so.

Since 2009, the movies produced from Dick’s books have made over a billion dollars, yet like many writers this author lived a life of constant financial struggle. Certainly drug use and abuse would not have helped that factor.

Philip K. Dick experienced a variety of mind sets and perceived reality — differently and in fact questioned “reality” all his life.

His experiences give his stories and characters a multi-layering of depths and qualities.

“The Man In The High Castle” at first appears to be a story of a very hard set society. The Axis powers have won WWII and divvied up the US. Conformity is one hundred percent demanded, on pain of death.

Ironically one of the highly placed controllers throws the I Ching and meditates for mental clarity, going against the rigid no-need-to-think political cult of fascism.

The readers’/viewers’ sympathies follow the Resistance fighters in their struggles to find a way to overcome their domination.

The Prime Video series was produced by Electric Shepherd Productions, a company owned by the author’s estate. Ridley Scott is an executive producer and his influence is very apparent in the look and feel of the ten episodes.

Philip K. Dick died of two strokes in 1982. His ashes were buried next to his twin sister Jane’s, who had died shortly after their birth 53 years earlier.

The novel is available in hardback form, paperback and on Kindle. The First Book Club Edition, 1962 is a collector’s item.

The Man In The High Castle

A First Book Club Edition