Kindle Fire 7 Special Offer

Waiting For My Kindle Fire 7

Update – June 2016!

Today I got an email about my Kindle Fire that told me On Deck “automatically downloads Prime Video (for Prime members) and the first episodes of Amazon Original Series while your Fire tablet is plugged in, has a Wi-Fi connection, and not being used

Super convenient! That means while you’re out and about but not connected, you can view new Prime material!

The best cheap ereader! My new Kindle Fire 7.

I miss my Nook Color that died after five years of dedicated service. Plus it was a present from a family member and it’s a sentimental object too. I looked on ebay and amazon for the refurbished version of what I had.

None of those available were just like what I’d had. Phooey.

The one I chose, Kindle Fire 7, is a good ongoing deal in the best seller list. It will show ads and suggestions when I’m not reading. But why would I care? I’m not reading! That lowered the price to the special offer.

Right now I’m browsing through some Kindle books and I will choose one soon.

Jonathan Kellerman’s “Breakdown”? Definitely a contender.

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Misty Copeland’s “Life In Motion An Unlikely Ballerina”?  I recently watched “A Ballerina’s Tale” on Netflix, about her, and I’d love to know more.

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I have always loved reading books and have never even looked for a best cheap ereader.

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Here is a tip to learn about the best Kindle Fire for kids!

6 thoughts on “Waiting For My Kindle Fire 7

  1. Bri

    I am a librarian by profession and so I stay up on the latest technology, and the Kindle has been a popular choice now since it’s creation! I often read my eBooks on my iphone Kindle app even if it is small text due to the convenience factor, but I know it’s easier on the eyes to read from the actual device. The Kindle Fire 7 sounds great, I hope you enjoy it and will review the product once you’ve used it for a while!
    Also, for the U.S. readers, you can get free eBooks from you local library using OverDrive & Amazon, you can do it all virtually. You may have to wait in the queue for certain titles, but it generally moves quickly because of the short loan period (if you are a fast reader, this is a huge benefit)! Happy eReading 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      I am enjoying the Kindle reader and recently discovered the digital borrowing from the library. A dream come true! Nice to hear from you!

  2. tatihden

    I have an amazon fire phone and I love it. I use it sometimes to read and have always imagined how much better the books will look on a kindle fire. I love reading as a hobby and will check out this Kindle fire 7. I don’t think the commercials will be a big deal since it only happens when you are not reading.
    Thanks for the post!

    1. admin Post author

      I don’t find the ads distracting at all. They show when you turn the Kindle on, and then you can swipe them away if you wish. Easy! Plus with this Kindle Fire you can get on your email, Facebook, Netflix etc. Love it!

  3. Ilyssa

    I was not real enthusiastic when I first got a kindle some years back. Turns out that I absolutely love it! It is great. I already had so many books and was out of space and now I can download books to the kindle and read away. And then read again if I choose. Another great thing is that I tend to stay up reading after my husband falls asleep. I can read with the light from the kindle without having to keep him awake. Enjoy yours!

    1. admin Post author

      The Kindle is handy for that isn’t it? I have a friend with different sleep patterns than her husband and she does exactly the same thing! Thanks for visiting my site and commenting!


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